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Things to watch out for at the family dentist’s office

Been at the dentist’s office can be intimidating to many and dentists can use this to their advantage most of the time. They know that you want to be through and go on your way. It is important that every time you visit your family dentist Abbotsford you are keen on what is going on around you. This is because the dentist’s office can say a lot about who they are and what kind of a practice they are undertaking. Here are some of the things that you should look out for.

 Hygiene – the dentist’s office should always be sparkling clean. No signs of dirt, debris or used equipment lying around the office should be seen. When the dentist is checking you they should always be wearing latex gloves. The dentist should also scrub their hands before dealing with patients. Germs can easily be ingested through the mouth and therefore the dentist should ensure they have a germ free working environment. Some pieces of equipment go into the mouths of many different people. These equipment need to be sanitized and sterilized after every use. You should see signs of the sanitizing machine that ensures the equipment are free of any germs. The equipment should also be stored in sealed bags until they need to be used. 

Cancer screening – the family dentist should give you a screening for cancer of the mouth during the regular checkups. The screening is recommended to be carried out every six months. There isn’t much involved in screening for cancer of the mouth and therefore the dentist should not really charge you extra for it. The screening involves visual checks.

Signs of prior work – a good dentist will be proud of any successful procedures they have undertaken and therefore have pictures of the before and after scenarios of some of the patients they have worked on. This builds confidence for the patients that intend to get the same procedure done on them. If you do not see any signs of prior work displayed anywhere in the dental clinic it might be a sign that they have never really done that procedure before CAO If you need to see such pictures you can ask for them because some dentists might not display the work but have a file they can show their patients.

Products they use – the best dentists use the best kind of Kesteven Dental products and equipment on their patients. Their equipment should look well made and solid. Ask the dentist where the appliances they are going to put in you are manufactured. Other dentists are stuck on selling extras to their patients. This is a warning sign because it means that they are not fully focused on the dentistry work for their patients but rather want to see some products to make money. 

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