Get a Fine Art Through Tattooing 

A tattoo is a fine art. It is made for decoration, a symbolic feature, or pictorial purposes. Anybody can have it. It requires good care if you want it to heal faster. Below are steps to use when cleaning a tattoo. 

Cleaning Tattoo Procedure 

  • Wash your Tattoo with clean warm water and soap 
  • Apply a layer of antibacterial twice a day 
  • Wash the tattoo two times a day with soap and water. Dry it before reapplying the antibacterial 
  • Apply moisturizer often after cleaning to keep it moist 


What to avoid after getting a Tattoo? 

It is advisable to take good of your body. Tattoos become a part of your body once you get it. Keeping it hygienic helps it heal quickly. 


Follow instructions carefully. Learn how to uncover the bandage and clean the area at home. 

Wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap to kill germs. 

Use a clean towel to dry the area. 

Use anti-inflammatory balm to reduce swelling. You may also apply painrelieving gel to make you feel comfortable. 

Apply topical anesthetic spray to reduce pain. 

Keep the would expose to make it recover quickly. 

Wear loose clothes to give the Tattoo enough space to breathe. 


Do not remove your bandage after getting the Tattoo. Give it time to heal. 

Do not clean the Tattoo with hot water. It causes the pores on your skin to open. This can give bacterial room to infect the would. 

Do not expose or soak it in running water. It may destroy it. 

Do not scrab the would with your fingers. Dirty hands cause infection. 

Do not re-bandage the Tattoo. Allow it to Breath. 

Do not rip the bandage off. It can be very painful. Use cold water to break the adhesive  

Do not go swimming for six weeks. Tattoos heal slowly if they are wet. 

Do not expose it to direct sunlight. It requires a low temperature to heal. 

Effects of Tattoos on your body 

Tattoos may be permanent or temporary. It depends on what you like. They leave effects on your body. Listed below are the effect of Tattoos. 

  1. It breaches your skin. This causes skin infections. 
  1. Tattoo dyes green, red, yellow, and blue cause allergic infection. 
  1. The Tattoo site may produce rashes which makes the skin itch 
  1. It may take years for a Tattoo to heal. 
  1. A Tattoo can hide skin cancer. This may make Cancer spread all over the body. 
  1. You can not donate blood during an emergency. Your blood is considered unclean soon after getting the Tattoo. 
  1. It causes bloodborne disease and infection. 
  1. It creates a permanent image by inserting ink into your skin. 
  1. It may become addictive. This can make go for more. 
  1. It weakens your immune system. 
  1. Tattoos have personality traits. 


In conclusion, a Tattoo good if you can maintain it. In this article, I have provided you with adequate information about tattooing. If you wish to have one on your body, ensure you follow the right steps. 


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